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3 Traits of a Leader
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3 Traits of a Leader 

What makes a great leader? When developing leadership development programs, Scot Rourke often asks his clients this question. What do you think makes someone a good leader — and what doesn’t? Here are 3 common traits of leaders:


A natural — or even trained — leader is empowered by his/her integrity.  Leaders do not beat around the bush.  They are upfront, undivided and transparent.  Holding true to your honesty and moral principles makes for a strong leader.  When you can’t practice what you preach, how can you ever expect to assemble a team?


A strong leader is grateful to the members of their team.  Not only that, but they express their gratitude by acknowledging the efforts of others.  No team is a one man or one woman show — a true leader knows that.  It is important to appreciate the work your team members put in and to show your appreciation for their contributions.


Inclusivity is incredibly important in any work environment.  A true leader acts as a sounding board for their team members.  Taking the time to hear ideas from others can only strengthen your overall project, product or plan!

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