Scot Rourke Business Coaching

Scot Rourke Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

In short, business coaching is a client-coach partnership that aims to promote ambitious growth within a company.  The process entails maximizing an employee’s potential and efficacy for the benefit of the business overall.

Elevara:  Coaching & Advising for Business Leaders

In 2013, Scot Rourke launched Elevara, a business advisory team specializing in implementing profitability improvement strategies.  Now, along with his team of expert entrepreneurs and proven business leaders, Rourke is gearing up for Elevara’s second round.

Primarily offering advisory services to organizations looking to revamp their process, Elevara is a business coaching firm.  The team’s goal is to advise business leaders so that they can expand their growth and improve their profitability. The partnership begins with a full analysis on a business’s goals.  This step helps Rourke and his team to register what strategies a business can benefit the most from. An Elevara coach will then provide his/her client with advice regarding how to implement effective improvement strategies.

Additional specialities of Elevara include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing and Navigating Innovative Business Models
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Merger and Acquisition Processes
  • Turnaround Management

Scot Rourke and the Elevara team understand that with big business comes major responsibility.  Even the most talented leaders often find themselves in need of a helping hand. Elevara’s business coaching package seeks to boost a company’s productivity and profits.  Often, a company or corporation’s success is dictated by the ability of its leaders. Rourke and his team aim to offer business leaders clarity so that they can hone their focus.

Whether a company is experiencing a bump in the road or simply in search of new methods to improve their success rate — Scot Rourke and his team at Elevara are prepared to help!