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How to Deal With The Uncertainty of Entrepreneurship

How to Deal With The Uncertainty of Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship is a game that’s nearly impossible to plan ahead for.  Having launched start-ups in a variety of industries, Scot Rourke knows that all too well.  Success in the start-up sphere is often shrouded by uncertainty, but this entrepreneur has started to crack the code!

In fast-paced fields that seems to evolve at every turn, how do entrepreneurs keep up? Serial entrepreneur, Scot Rourke explains that you don’t need to be an expert in your field to become an industry leader.  Instead, you need to expect the unexpected and evolve through experience.

Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

Many start-up strategists preach that you don’t need to be an expert to become a leader in an industry.  While that might sound crazy, it’s not very far off! The playing field of entrepreneurship is one that evolves nearly by the minute.  If you study and plan rather than building and launching, someone else will take the torch before you sign up for the race — even if you’re the expert.  Entrepreneur, Scot Rourke explains that the best way to learn is through experience.

Become an Evolution Expert

The most successful entrepreneurs are prepared to weather the storm of their industry’s evolution.  Rather than aiming to become an expert in your industry, Scot Rourke recommends that you become an expert in evolution first.  The plan of attack that works today may become entirely outdated by tomorrow. Expect this. Adapt your strategies to be flexible so that you can meet the needs of a changing market, as soon as it changes.
By launching yourself into your industry, rather than waiting for the “perfect time,” you’ll have the upperhand over the dreamers.  Don’t just dream — do!

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