Scot Rourke

Start-up savvy and motivated, Scot Rourke is an entrepreneur with a stellar sense of dedication. Throughout his career, he has strengthened his hand at transforming businesses from start-ups to thriving organizations. Now, he’s gearing up to relaunch his own start-up, a business coaching and independent advisory team known as Elevara.

Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching

Scot Rourke has identified as an entrepreneur for most of his life.  The identity manifested long before his career in business truly began.  It all started as a partnership with his late brother, whose opportunistic vision sparked the creation of valet, auto sales and security services.  Inspired by his brother’s efforts, Scot Rourke burst into the world of entrepreneurship long before completing his education. These early experiences helped him to understand the value in registering the bigger picture, an approach that he brings to every project in his career.

Leadership Development Programs

In 2013, Rourke launched his independent business coaching firm, Elevara.  Working directly with business leaders, he implemented solid strategies that promoted increased productivity.  His effective coaching methods quickly earned him a respected and trusted reputation. Eager to evolve, Elevara is back after a brief hiatus.  A strong outfit of uniquely talented experts, Elevara helps business leaders to implement profitability improvement strategies. Rourke and his team also specialize in concepts the likes of Supply Chain Management, Turnaround Management and Strategic Planning.

Throughout his career, Scot Rourke has held leadership roles in a variety of industries.  His experiences have led him to believe in the power and efficacy of leadership development programs.  Now, as a professional business coach and advisor, he helps organizations benefit from solid leadership development.  He is a strong believer in the notion that leaders with a willingness to constantly learn and develop are masters at honing their own potential.  When leaders evolve, the entire organization is able to strengthen and grow.