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Do Team-Building Exercises Really Work?
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Do Team-Building Exercises Really Work? 

In short, yes, team-building exercises have been shown to have positive effects in the workplace. They offer employees a chance to develop deeper communication skills and deeper relationships with one another. 

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These activities allow employees to open up and show a vulnerable side of themselves to their coworkers, which can lead to more empathetic conversations in the workplace. It’s important to note that if there is any conflict or hostility in the office, these team-building exercises most likely won’t work until all parties have worked out their differences.

Team activities can have more positive effects on smaller teams, perhaps because there is a greater familiarity between all office workers than at a bigger organization. A big piece of advice Scot Rouke shares is that it is important for employees to have some say or decision-making power in the team-building process. Employees tend to show greater happiness when their feedback is taken into consideration, so try to cater some of the planned activities with them in mind. 
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