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How to Develop True Influence
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How to Develop True Influence 

People are often bombarded by so-called “coaches” and “influencers” that make huge promises about how they can change your life, and often under-deliver their results. They often take a one-size fits all approach that is partially built on their own successes, but much of it also comes from copying other successful people, too.

Scot Rourke - Develop Influence

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Developing true influence is a craft and it doesn’t happen overnight. Leadership coach Scot Rourke admits that one of the most important aspects to developing true influence is authenticity. People don’t want to be told of the same catch-phrases over and over again, it just isn’t motivating. People respond to following your journey in real-time and lessons along the way. Instead of touting how you can change their life…why don’t you show them instead? 

Leverage social media- show what a day in your life looks like and why you do what you do. Do you work multiple jobs to keep the lights on and round out your resume? Do you practice certain skills every day to get better and better? Staying true to yourself through the good and bad shows a level of vulnerability that people are often looking for when in need of influence. There’s nothing worse than trying to piggyback over someone else’s success, so stick to what you know and the audience will follow.

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