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Leadership Development Programs in Virtual Reality (VR)
Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development Programs in Virtual Reality (VR) 

JENSON8, a developer of Virtual Reality (VR) software, recently announced the release of an innovative new learning and development experience. Scot Rourke discusses this new team-building tool — available now on Oculus Quest2 for Business:

Virtual Reality experiences are gaining traction more and more.  As new platforms and consoles with VR functionality hit the market, the potential for Virtual Reality expands.  For the most part, VR has been utilized for the purpose of entertainment.  But recently, developers have started to tap into the educational value in products like Facebook’s Oculus Quest2.

JENSON8, a software developer of VR programs, is the first company to offer a leadership development program in virtual reality.  The startup expresses that this gives leaders the opportunity to enter a new realm with valuable insight.  Only time will tell how leadership development programs will expand in VR.  But either way, Scot Rourke is certainly excited!

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