Scot Rourke Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Scot Rourke’s earliest interests and hobbies were rooted in entrepreneurship.  He credits his late brother with starting the spark that would set his passion for the process ablaze.  Before leaping into his own ventures, he worked alongside his brother on various projects. The first taste was a valet service, a business which stemmed from opportunity.  From there, the Rourke boys moved on to an even bigger project: independent auto sales. Together, the two would purchase, repair and resell vehicles, finetuning their mechanical hands throughout the process.  The experience set the foundation for Scot Rourke’s ability to see the bigger picture. Flipping vehicles instilled within him the value of envisioning a project’s potential, rather than accepting it at face value.

Elevara:  Encouragement for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, Scot Rourke is tried and true.  He has served as a founding member of various start-ups over the years.  Most recently, he has decided to revisit and relaunch Elevara, an independent firm that offers advisory services to business leaders.  In its reincarnation, Elevara will bring more to the conference table than ever before. In addition to its business coaching services, the outfit will also lend budding entrepreneurs a helping hand.  Offering various packages, the Elevara team will help entrepreneur hopefuls through the process of their idea development.

Often, inexperienced entrepreneurs are loaded with energy and drive.  But how they channel that motivation is what makes all the difference.  Along with his Elevara team, Scot Rourke will assist rising innovators as they develop their projects into real world pursuits.  For an entrepreneur, establishing an idea is only half of the battle — evolving that idea into a company or product is a completely different ballgame.  Having been there himself, Rourke understands that notion like no other. That’s precisely why he’s excited to work directly with the newest wave of trailblazers looking to make their mark!