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3 Qualities of A Great Mentor
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3 Qualities of A Great Mentor 

Entrepreneur Scot Rourke understands the difficulty in finding a mentor in the workplace. Not only is it a challenge to find a good mentor, but it can be hard to know what qualities to look for in a mentor or traits that compliment your own work style.

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  1. Do they listen more than they talk?

The only real way to build a meaningful relationship with a mentor is to talk about your goals and your struggles and use their perspective to help you navigate those waters. Next time you meet with your mentor, notice if they are actually listening to you or not. Do they talk over you or interrupt with their own interpretations of your struggles? 

  1. Are they judgemental?

It can be hard to open up to someone you’re not comfortable with, especially if you’re admitting a mistake you made or a poor decision. If your mentor’s immediate reaction is to judge you or give their two-cents on what they would’ve done, they likely are seeing you as competition rather than as a teammate to help. If they are overly judgemental, reconsider the coaching relationship.

  1. Do they share their vulnerabilities, too?

It’s important for the mentee to feel seen and heard with the mentor’s vulnerability, too. Opening up about shared insecurities or problems in common can help build trust in each other and true growth in character. If your mentor seems distant to your stories and experiences, perhaps they are distracted or are considering different uses of their time. 
Make sure to take note of how your mentor responds to your conversations. If they are dismissive, overly critical, or emotionally distant, it’s time to consider a new mentor. Check out Scot Rourke’s blog for more business coaching advice.

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