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VISION kicks off 25th year
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VISION kicks off 25th year 

In Transylvania, North Carolina, members of community-centric leadership development program, VISION, held a welcoming ceremony for the initiative’s class of 2020 – 2021. 

For a quarter of a century, Transylvania has been home to an innovative community focused leadership development program.  Aiming to empower residents who are committed to their neighborhoods (and neighbors!), the program champions ideas of teamwork and involvement.  Known as VISION, this leadership development program fosters the idea that a community’s ability to succeed and thrive largely rides on the commitment of its citizens.

This year, VISION is celebrating its 25th year.  With this momentous celebration, the program embraces its 25th class of Transylvania citizens.  Motivated by the times, the year-long course will focus on fostering the participants’ dedication to being informed, involved and committed.  As always, Scot Rourke extends a warm wave of support to all who organize, host and participate in leadership development programs.  VISION is valuable — and so are the program’s participating visionaries.  May their dedication to their neighbors and community commitment drive incredibly fulfilling change in Transylvania, NC!   

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