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Leadership Development Meets Tech
Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development Meets Tech 

Leadership is as integral to the tech world as it is in any other. With this in mind, some leadership programs have custom fit their latest curriculum to cater to what makes tech professionals tick — and succeed!

Taking your career from point A to point B isn’t always straight forward.  While entry level positions will introduce you to the basic skills you need, a specialized program can often add glimmer to a growing resume.  If you’re looking to level up your career in IT, you might want to consider pursuing a leadership development program that caters to your industry’s needs.  Scot Rourke recommends the following tech intensive leadership development programs to anyone interested in taking their career to the next level:

CitiBank Tech Leadership Program

This program is designed with aspiring tech leaders in mind.  The full-time two-year program focuses specifically on the financial industry, hence its ties to CitiBank.  Roles involved in the program’s rotation include data science, technical product management and more

Johnson & Johnson Tech Leadership Development Program

Requirements:  professionals must maintain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and have at least one year of full-time postgraduate work experience under their belt.  This training program will include hands-on training and digital media integration, as well as lessons on infrastructure, service operations and so much more!

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