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Do Self Help Books Actually Help?
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Do Self Help Books Actually Help? 

Perhaps you’re going through a life change and you’re looking to pick up a new skill or develop your personal relationships. Whatever the case may be, entrepreneur and business coach Scot Rourke is here to give his opinion on the pros and cons of self help books.

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The truth is, it’s actually very difficult to provide tailored advice to the general public. Every person is unique and different, and going through different experiences in life. Therefore, much of the advice in self help books is broad so that it can be applicable to most people. The issue with this is that you might resonate with only 1-2 pieces of advice in the entire book. This might be disappointing if you’re only able to apply a few pieces of advice to your life.

Now, these books can be a great starting point to understanding some of the obstacles you might be facing, and perhaps even your motivations in life. Reading a different perspective on how to tackle some of these issues might be just the push you need to become more proactive at handling things that life throws at you! 
If you read a self help book with the mindset of learning a new perspective, then they are definitely a good option for you. To read more about motivation, entrepreneurship, and business, continue reading Scot Rourke’s blog.

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