The Entrepreneurship World Cup
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The Entrepreneurship World Cup 

You’ve heard of the FIFA World Cup;  you may have even tuned in to Russia 2018.  And you’ve definitely heard of entrepreneurship;  chances are, you’re an entrepreneur yourself! But have you heard of the Entrepreneurship World Cup?  If your answer to that is ‘no,’ now’s your chance to hop on the wave that’s ahead of the curve.  (Hopefully, you’re used to that already!)

Scot Rourke is excited to learn about this relatively new opportunity that’s making its way into being a staple in the startup sphere.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is a competition for creative and innovative individuals.  It’s an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to receive recognition for their startups and expand their networks.  EWC encourages entrepreneurs on all levels of the spectrum to apply, offering prizes in multiple categories. Ventures at idea stage, early stage and growth stage will all be represented.  Entrepreneurs across the globe can apply to this exciting opportunity by filling out a form at

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