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Key Personality Traits For Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success
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Key Personality Traits For Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success 

Throughout his career, Scot Rourke has shaken hands with unique personalities in the entrepreneurial avenue.  Though faces and focuses have often varied, star attributes have glimmered within the most successful of entrepreneurs.  

Traits key to startup success and beyond have proven to be:

Unwavering passion

Focus that’s backed by personal dedication sparks the interest of colleagues and consumers alike.  When an entrepreneur is passionate about his/her project, the enthusiasm is equal parts electric and contagious!

Positive attitude

The concept of speaking things into existence is a staple of discussion in entrepreneurship.  And when you experience the benefits of positive affirmation, it’s certainly no surprise why. An air of positivity can carry a learner to leader levels!

Warmth and accessibility

It’s no surprise that networking is integral in a realm like entrepreneurship. Offering a warm presence and going the extra mile to be accessible will certainly go a long way.  More than just an attention to eye contact, investing interest in conversations with investors and partners will drive budding entrepreneurs down a path to success.

With it mentality

What does it mean exactly to be ‘with it?’  ‘It’ is a professional’s industry, niche or community overall.  Keeping ‘with it’ requires a responsibility to relevance and timeliness.  Any entrepreneur can possess this attribute, but it’s a trait that takes daily dedication.  Tactics include reading the ‘right’ blog posts and articles, keeping up to date with podcasts, following along with the projects of industry leaders and so much more.  What may be required tomorrow may not have been invented yet today! Stay sharp and on track with the ‘with it’ approach.

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