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Adapting Leadership in a COVID World
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Adapting Leadership in a COVID World 

Virtual learning and professional development programs are on the rise. This has forced leaders to reshape their approach to managing their teams. Here are some ideas to consider in these newly revolutionized times, from Scot Rourke:

  1. Your A-team is Changing

The members of your team who flourish in-office may not be your star players in this virtual world.  As leadership changes in the digital sphere, so will your team.  Remember to keep this in mind when selecting who to put in your immediate corner.

2. Engagement is Key

Distance and a lack of in-person communication can make matters difficult.  Make sure you actively engage with your team members to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  Despite technical or even communication issues brought on by this digital approach, you need to engage effectively and consistently to keep things afloat!

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